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Top 5 Real Estate Related Videos

I thought we pull together the top 5 videos we've seen in the past year or so in the real estate industry.  If you know of a better one, please send it our way.  We've posted to videos from the reality TV show Flipping Out just because there's not much else as funny as Mr. Jeff Lewis and how he runs his business and treats his employees.  But hey, that's what makes good TV, or reality TV.

Sure, some of these are video clips that have very little to do with real estate or investing in property, but they're about people who have been under stress as they try to make their way in the market or their just characters themselves.  Then there are those that are mocking the real estate industry or those who have a new gimmack that will set them apart.  Take a look.

5.  Flipping Out - Go to Trash

4.  Funny Australian Ad

3.  Need More Room

The First Flip

1.  Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out


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