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Excellent article in SF Gate on investors scooping up some good properties in and around the Bay Area:

It's the worst time since the Great Depression to buy real estate, right?

Not so, according to some individual investors, who think the market slump has made selected pockets of the Bay Area more desirable than they've been in years.

"Look at this," said Dan Shiner of Mill Valley, one such investor who was en route with his agent to visit properties for sale in Santa Rosa last week. "This duplex sold for $599,000 two years ago and now it's listed for $414,900. That's why people like me are coming out of the woodwork."

Shiner, who works in finance, said he avoided investing in local real estate for years because prices were so ridiculously high. But the current market has drawn him back in because suddenly he sees relative bargains. Last week he looked at a dozen Sonoma County duplex and triplexes, and had offers accepted on two.


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