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The Game Has Changed

Different game, different rules: No more easy money, no more no-money-down loans with no interest. For an investor, a minimum of 25%-40% down payment is usually the standard today. These are huge turnarounds that won’t change anytime soon.

There won’t be anymore risky ARMs either, which is good for the new investor who could get caught when the ARM adjusts. The amazing thing, though, is that interest rates are still at low levels, from 5%-7% for a 30 year fixed mortgage. However, these rates change on a daily basis and in this volatile market there’s no telling how much they will swing up and down.

There’s no more walking into a loan office and walking out with a deal without serious screening and due diligence, but there are still good loans for those with good credit and money to put down. No more Countrywide loans for everyone even if they don’t have any credit. Not just any Tom, Dick, and Harry can become a real estate agent anymore. If this happens, you know an investment vehicle is about to collapse.

We started this site when the market was at the tail end of its collapse. We thought it was a good time for investors—who knew what they were getting into—to buy a property when the market was down. These are the investors with a plan and a backup plan just in case. We wanted to help these investors with any questions they might have. The game has changed now, caution is the word, and waiting for the right deal is what you should do. There’s a glut of foreclosures and no need to rush into any deal.

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