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A home is the American dream. It’s been sold that way and it’s still where a majority of Americans put their money and will continue to do so into the future. I don’t think anything is going to change this, even this real estate collapse. This is why real estate is still one of the surest investments to make – the belief is still strong that property is a solid investment for the long term. Everyone is looking to buy that special place where they can live comfortably, and for the majority of people it’s their main investment, usually for a lifetime.

Because of this dream, there was a movement to get Americans to buy homes: it was their right, their entitlement, like some kind of entitled destiny. But now, their home or property investment has severely decreased in value, and in some cases people have lost it all. Those hurt the worst were the low economy families renting out apartments, homes, or condos from investors. They were forced out due to a foreclosure and often lost a security deposit or a down payment as well as the cost to uproot and move into a new apartment or home. More and more children are moving back home to live with their parents or doubling up with roommates.

Now, don’t let this development discourage you. There’s nothing wrong with putting a lot of money down on a home to ensure your financial well-being. It’s better to sleep soundly than to speculate too much and worry. But for the real estate investor, it’s about sticking to your plan, putting down the amount of money that makes you comfortable yet still being able to make money over the long term. Leverage is crucial to making money in real estate but being over leveraged could lead to bankruptcy and foreclosure. So, as an investor in the American dream, be careful when you first purchase a property, and have enough capital in reserve to weather a downturn.

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