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Here's another site that believes they can do it better.  I think the key is insider information from local sources. That takes research and where we aim to fill a role. Give you the scoop on what's going on in areas you're looking to buy property, whether it's a new company relocating or approval of a new large housing development that will impact your property, we'll let you know. Stay tuned.

But check out this site, pretty cool:

A real estate Web site that aims to be all things to all home shoppers will join the burgeoning ranks of online housing marketers today., the brainchild of a near-child, will go live with its real estate "dashboard," where users can create a personal page from for-sale listings, valuation tools, maps, photos, crime statistics, weather and neighborhood cafes, banks and airports. Whereas other sites usually provide a few of those resources, Terabitz says its hub aggregates all the information a home shopper needs -- from a place to peruse four-bedroom colonials to where to find a baby crib.

"Real estate is more than just listings, and that's the point," said Ashfaq Munshi, chief executive of Terabitz, whose teenage son developed the prototype for the site. "We're going to rise above (the field) by providing a much better, more-complete solution."



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