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A Tale of Two Homes

Buying property in and around Boise, Idaho from an agent's perspective.

Homes are still selling when priced right in Boise Idaho! I recently had a Seller client call wanting to sell a home they purchased in July of 2006 for $293,000. It was a single level home, just over 2,000 square feet, 3 car garage that was about 10 years old and backed to a beautiful common area w/rod iron fencing.

I was initially concerned as I met and saw the home for the first time, as it was truly just a 2 bedroom plus a den home. I advised a list price of $259,900 and was surprised to get a call the next day from the seller saying let's get this home sold. After just 10 days on the market, numerous showings, we received an offer for $250,000 contingent on the sale of another home. My seller said no thank you. 24 days later, again numerous showings, we received an offer for $255,000 cash and close in 12 days.

My seller made this offer work w/moving and cleaning the home. We are now closed, the new buyers are moving in and my seller is on the way to Colorado to be near their children and grandchildren.

This home was unique because of the open space behind the house and new construction didn't seem to be a competitive factor even though this home had brass fixtures that would seem dated. When homes are priced well and well maintained, there are still buyers for them in the Boise area!

Another story, on the other end of the spectrum...I had a Seller client call me in February of this year about selling a home in Caldwell, Idaho. I met with them. They were in the process of doing some updates and repairs to the home. I advised them on what to make sure and do, and then what could be done less. To my dismay, when I listed the home in April, some recommendations were listened to others were not.

Against my better judgment, and since the seller is the client, I listed the home at the top of the price range. There were a few showings and we got the same feedback, poor updates, price was wrong and there was a pool in the backyard that was in terrible condition. After relaying this information to the seller and having it fall on deaf ears, we still proceeded.

Finally, after further discussions, they agreed to reduce the price by $10,000, which still wasn't enough to overcome the other issues. We had a few more showings, and again the same feedback, the house was still at least $15,000 overpriced. Seller is now out of state and not willing to reduce the price in order to be competitive in the market. The pool still looks like a swamp. Our listing is expiring in a few days and this agent is not willing to continue with the current conditions. People should know they hire a Realtor mainly for the advice we can give as we see and sell homes on a regular basis. When our advice is not taken to heart, the home will not sell and then that Seller wants to think the agent is the one at fault. A smart agent in this market will give these listings back and work with Sellers that are willing to do what it takes to get a home sold!

One more story this year! In January of 2008, I listed a small starter type home in Kuna, Idaho. The home was clean and well kept but showed poorly because of a large piano in the living room and a desk situation in the living room and the master bedroom. We were priced right and had a handful of showings, yet it seemed the buying public could not envision themselves living in this home nor could they envision the use of the space as there were mixed signals on the use of the spaces in the current showing conditions.

After 4 months on the market, I hired a professional stager to advise the client on how to show the home. The piano was removed, the office spaces were combined into the bonus room over the garage, staging items were put in place, new pictures taken, etc. Home sold in 4 weeks. Stagers are becoming very necessary in this market with so much to choose from. If a home can show well and be priced well, it will sell.

To learn more about buying property in Idaho contact Doris:

Dori Wick, Realtor
[email protected]

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