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The Sopranos Love Real Estate

Sopranos HouseTony, Carmela, Paulie and the Gang Loved Real Estate to Death:

It is all about real estate--who has the money gets the power.  Real estate gives you not only money but control.  See how it plays out in The Sorpranos.

Carmela was trying to establish herself, have her own money, by getting into the real estate game.  Tony, in some ways wanted to keep his control over her and now allow her have her independence.  Even deals she was working on he somehow helped connect her too.  He wanted her to take the money she made and bet it--he had a sure pick he said.

'Perhaps it was inevitable that series creator David Chase chose real estate as such an animator of The Sopranos. So much of American money is tied up now in property in all its manifestations—private property, public-private partnerships on property development (the esplanade, with its hotel and galleria), public property. The show that captured so much of the national zeitgeist had to delve thoroughly into what's really now the national past-time.'



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