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Signage - Make Your Property Stand Out

From Rain City Guide (a great site that has a number of bloggers contributing to the blog on a regular basis, a lot of good information about real estate that's applicable to all regions, not just Seattle):

'Every once in a while, when I’m reading Bloodhound Blog I come across an idea so brilliant, so obvious in hindsight, I just stare at my monitor stupefied in amazement wondering, why doesn’t everybody do this? It’s obvious he has Dustin’s money quote hanging in his office. Maybe all that time in front of fruit computers has caused him to “Think Different“?

I am talking of course about Bloodhound Realty’s Sign Philosophy. Mr. Swann has blogged about the evolution of his signing philosophy and related marketing efforts, more than once during the past year. I was driving around my neighborhood this week, looking at the homes on the market, and it really hit home. I almost felt like howling at the houses on my block “Where is Greg when you need him?” The vast majority of the “for sale” signs in my neighborhood, are the usual boring rectangular shape and size. It’s sad because the most interesting yard signs in my neighborhood are from Redfin (memorable because of its non-rectangular shape and the BUY ME “button” on the sign) and from Plateau Real Estate, a small & local company down the street from me, (memorable because it’s logo has gradient greens and a unique font). It’s not like Redfin’s logo and Plateau’s signs are that great, but at least they try to stand out amidst an ocean of boring, rectangular, monochromatic signs from most of the big and independent brokers in the area.'

I'm all about shortening and skipping steps, and I think that's what the Internet's about and more so real estate.  His comment about the price on the sign is key.  Why do we have to get out of the car to grab one of this pieces of paper?  Put the price on the sign.  Now, whenever we come into a situation, whether it's buying a house, a car, or a book, we have much more information, from review sites online, blogs, articles, friends, and so on.  The web gives the individual more information and the ability to do their own research.



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