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Second Opinions

I think it's wise to get a second opinion from a friend, but don't let them sway you to change your mind if the numbers back up your assertions that this is a good investment.  Have the property inspected and appraised by experts, take their advice, and not necessarily the advice of your friend.

People are getting pre-buying advice from all sorts of people these days:  Live-in-housekeepers, lawyers, mistresses, feng shui consultants, personal trainers, architects, decorators, the nanny, grand parents, rabbis, zen gurus, and so on.

This article below is geared more towards the real estate market in New York, but I think it gives you some good insight into what goes on in this buyers market.  Where people can have parents come by and friends take a look at property before they make the final decision.  There's no rush.  Which sometimes isn't a good thing if you pass up a good opportunity thinking there's another one around the corner.

“There was no time 18 months or two years ago to have mom and dad take a look,” said Jessica Levy Buchman, a vice president of the Corcoran Group who works at the office in Park Slope, Brooklyn. “It was as if you had to put up or shut up, no matter what your parents or friends thought. Now, the market is a little bit more patient — we don’t have two, three or four backup offers like we used to — and it’s easier for buyers to sign another lease or take their time. Buyers need more time, and sellers are allowing the time and extra showings.”



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