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Salvageable Home Structures

Is it possible to salvage a home structure? Is it possible move this piece of property? What if you could move this part of the house to another location? This is all about: Moving homes where the structure of the house is still in good shape.

Here’s an example: When an area is in the process of transforming into a commercial zone, often homes end up being left out in the cold or sort of like the Sesame Street thing where they ask which one of these things doesn’t belong.

Generally speaking, you should expect a cost of moving your house (not including the take-down and set up of home utilities, foundations and other home systems) to be between $8,000 and $40,000.

I’m sure you’ve seen these scenarios. A number of business take up open spaces on a corner street, a coffee shop, grocery store, and then a series of other types of stores—copy center or FedEx, a post office and so on.

But between some of these stores are a few homes, once out in the middle of nowhere in the counrtyside, they’ve been seemingly attacked and now mobbed in by the commercial sprawl of a growing community. Who wants to live right in a business area, your neighbors are now stores? Your front lawn is on display for the flowing traffic.

But there’s a lot of value in these homes and the land they’re resting on. A number of investors will take the home and move it to a new location as the structure is salvageable and still valuable. The land, now in a commercial zone, also has most likely increased in value, and a number of businesses will happily purchase this area.

Also, an area might be becoming run down and not as desirable as it was once before, but the home is still in good condition, and you have an open lot in an up and coming neighborhood. Rather than build a new home from scratch, this home can be transferred to the new area and small improvements made to the structure.

The average home weighs between dozens to several hundreds of tons-and so it's safe to say that moving the structure of a house is a huge undertaking. First, a structural specialist will need to come in and make sure the house is safe to move. If so, a moving company will come in with jacks, timbers and other equipment to lift and support the house as its being towed, to ensure that it survives the journey.

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