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What Prospective Home Owners Seek

I've got to say I was impressed with the ease of using Trulia, and it got me thinking, what is a prospective home owner seeking?

Just like most real estate search engines, at Trulia, prospective home buyers seek a property based on a number of criteria.  Starting with the basics:  What city (location)? What neighborhood (location)?  Does it have a view (location)?  Did you notice, all three of those first elements of the search are about location.

  • Price range.
  • Listing type: new, foreclosures, or resale.
  • Property type: single-family home, condos, duplexes, townhouses or apartment buildings.
  • Number of rooms or units.
  • How many bathrooms?
  • Total square footage.

These are the types of questions a real estate agent will ask you.  What's your budget, are you pre-qualified, what amenities are you seeking, how long do you want to own the property, and so on.

But once those, let's say more cerebral type of elements are in place, the emotional feel and pull becomes a big factor in whether or not someone buys the property.  The property has to feel comfortable, secure, private, and clean. 

Nowadays, a big selling point is energy efficient homes.  So this means features that make your property energy efficient - which is also a great selling point for your property. 

  • windows (double panes)
  • insulation (keep cool in summar and warm in the winter)
  • lights (compact fluorescent)
  • appliances (upgrade to new appliances)
  • seal up leaks
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