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Property Management

Questions and topics to discuss when talking about selecting a property management company to mange your income property:

  • setting up a lease or rental agreement
  • schedule for maintenance and repairs
  • seasonal cleaning and upkeep
  • upgrade schedule for certain appliances
  • choosing a property management company
  • selecting a rentor to act as the property manager
  • secure premises
  • making upgrades and repairs
  • finding and selecting tenants

Finding good property management firm is sometimes almost more important than choosing the right property, especially when you are purchasing investment property out of the state you live in.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a property management company and questions to take into account:

  • If you are purchasing a building in a rental community, is there only one property management company for the community (or does each investor hire their own and have different “For Rent” signs in front of each building?)
  • Is the rent set for the entire community by professional property managers to ensure a fair market when trying to find tenants?
  • How often are the property managers looking after the properties - daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Does the property management company handle the marketing of a vacancy?
  • If there's an emergency, how quickly can they handle a tenants' request?
  • Does the company have a long history of success - a solid track record?

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