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Investment Properties Going Green

As an investor and owner of an investment property, there's nothing like finding new ways to save money but also help improve and safeguard the environment in the long run. Yes, investors want to make some green but it's also good to keep things green - especially when it means you make more money in the end.

It’s like preventative medicine, discovering and taking care of a medical problem before it develops into a costly visit to the emergency room for surgery. Eating right and taking care of the body before it’s alerting you to something’s wrong via pain. This not only saves everyone money, but it’s just smart. Saves time and pain. Well, there are things an investor can do in real estate that save money keep cities green.

In real estate, it’s all about saving money before you have to take a hit and end up with negative cash flow. And, moreover, it’s about ensuring that your grand kids and their grand kids can still enjoy the surroundings of the property—the trees, the lakes and the oceans. It’s about taking care of the environment while saving money--can't beat that.  It's the good old win win.

  • Solar panels
  • Less grass or even lawns in dry climates - instead go with more native plants
  • Water efficient bathrooms and kitchens
  • Energy efficient appliances and light bulbs
  • Healthier none toxic paints and shellacs that reduce allergies
  • Lumber from sustainable forests
  • Proximity to public transportation

Another idea that's getting more attention these days is smaller villages or communities that are built close to public transportation. These are sustainable areas just outside the city, where residents can walk to stores, parks and other shops. Many of these residents don’t have two cars or some have no car, and prefer to walk or bike in the area and then take the train or subway into the city.

Residents in these communities save money by not having two cars and this also helps the environment.  The communities are also nearly self sufficient, eating locally grown food from nearby farms. The rise in popularity of these types of communities is seen in the demand for young home owners to spurn the McMansion and go for a more people driven type village.  They'd rather live near restaurants, coffee shops and stores.

And to think that some areas still don’t have regular recycling pickup systems. If you live in a city you’ll often see immigrants creating their own small business, picking up cardboard boxes and cans themselves and taking them to be recycled to earn money.  We all pay property taxes, with money going to services like the sewer system and garbage, many areas are reducing these fees if you're recycling.

Learn more at:  50 US Cities Ranked by Green Criteria

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