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Premiere Asset Services

Who is Premiere Asset Services...? I believe it is who Wells Fargo bank uses to handle all the bank owned real estate properties.

Get valuable tips to help you make informed decisions when buying a REO (real estate owned) property - basically the bank/lender owns the property and it has already gone through the foreclosure process:

Premiere Asset Services is headquartered in Frederick, MD, with offices in San Bernardino and Des Moines. Our footprint is extensive, servicing rural, town or city locations on a national basis. Each office maintains a consistent level of highly trained, experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge of REO management and disposition — a team that’s virtually unaffected by market surges.

Additionally, we maintain a national database of 5,000 specialized REALTORS® who facilitate local maintenance and preservation services, advertising campaigns and open houses. We continually monitor our Realtor relationships, ensuring they have our total support and consistently provide the best possible service to our clients. In fact, we continually grade our database of active and performing Realtors. Proudly, we also have a long and successful history with one of the largest auction companies in the United States.

Equally important is the benefit we provide to homeowners. Since 1997, we have helped more than 30,000 homebuyers in over 40 states realize their dream of homeownership through the purchase of an REO home.

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