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Buying property long before it’s even built. Now, how early can you get? Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to preconstruction real estate investing. With this option, you basically buy the land before any work has been done—such as clearing and installation of temporary utilities—and then pay a developer to build the property. For some investors, this is the preferred way to go about buying property mainly because of the preset price involved, which is usually set well below market value.

A plot of land is only worth its market value, but when that land is broken, the property value will increase. If you buy the land early, you’ll not only pay less for it, but also your return on investment will be much greater. It’s common for investors to flip the land before the property is finished and still make sizable earnings.

But ironically, not many people can get involved in this lucrative avenue. Buyers are snatching up properties left and right, sometimes within hours an opportunity becomes available. Due to this aggressiveness, developers have realized that advertising is unnecessary in order to make a sale. But only a limited number of brokers sell these properties, and if you’re not in their network, you may not be able to purchase the property.

The following website, however, may provide you with some assistance—and more information about preconstruction in general—about how to contact a broker and thus benefit from these profitable investments.

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