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Five Tips for Working the Phones

By Sarah Garlick – March 2008

Let's talk about the number one way to make your foreclosure business work. YOU'VE GOTTA WORK THE PHONES!! Sorry for yelling guys. :)

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Here are my five best tips for help you make the most of your calls:

Tip Number One

Plan ahead. Do not leave making time for calls up to chance. There is no phone fairy that will magically get motivated owners with equity calling you. You need to make a schedule that you follow on a regular routine.

If you have to make 200 calls a week break that down to a daily goal. If you plan on calling 5 days a week, then you have to make 40 calls a day. No roll over calls. Don't stockpile your work load into a couple days. You want to get into the habit of calling on a daily basis so you stay fresh at it.

Tip Number Two

Be proactive about making your calls where you will have the least amount of distractions as possible. So, for me, in the Nordstrom's shoe department during the half yearly sale would not be a good time to make calls! :)

If you work in an office and people are always asking for your time, then calling from your desk is not the best idea. Take your lunch break in your car or out of the office so that you have privacy to make your calls. If you travel during the day make a certain amount of calls before you leave the parking lot.

We all have downtime in our day where we are not distracted, learn to use that time to be productive on the phones.

Tip Number Three

Manage your daily goals by identifying your personal limitations. What are the pitfalls in your day? What is an unrealistic expectation for YOU to reach? If you have 40 calls to make in your day it's not very likely that you will come home after working all day and be fired up about getting on the phones that night. We all have a "cut off time" where we are less productive after that point in the day.

Try to have the majority of your calls made before your cut-off time hits. So if your cut off time is 5 pm make sure that you have 30 of your 40 calls done by 5pm. Then all you have to do is make 10 more calls and you are done that day.

When I was working full time and just starting out as a foreclosure investor after graduating from the Lab, my cut off time was 3 pm. After that I was less productive. I knew that if I didn't have most of my calls done before 3pm I was setting myself up for failure. Don't do that!

Set yourself up for success instead!

Tip Number Four

Relax, smile and enjoy solving problems on your schedule. Working the phones is FUN! When you get good at it you will love it! If you don't already love it, fake it 'til you do. :)

Remind yourself to smile while you are talking to people. It takes the edge off and you will not sound mechanical or like a telemarketer. If people keep asking "what company you're with" it's because you sound too stiff. Try to imagine that you are talking with your best friend when you are making calls. How would that sound different than your "corporate" voice? A LOT!

Tip Number Five

Invest in your business through education. Starting with the new Mastering Home Study (just redone in 2008 and awesome), Alexis' 3-day hands on Mastering Lab (I graduated in November 2002, can you believe its' been that long?) or working with a Personal Coach -- no matter where you are you need to push yourself farther to make YOU the master of the phones!!

And there's no better day than TODAY! Don't wait!

As Jim Rohn said:

"Education must proceed motivation. Get around people who have something of value to share with you. Their impact will continue to have a significant effect on your life long after they have departed."

Your Friend,

Sarah Garlick

Coach, Lab Instructor and Investor

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