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Misled Buyers, Rate Cuts, & First Time Buyers

Feeling Misled on Home Price, Buyers Are Suing Their Agent
This has got to be a first. It's like blaming your stock broker for buying or some other tech company during the doc com boom. It was the broker’s fault? The big problem was greed, from all sides in some cases, and those hit the worst were the sub prime mortgage holders who never should have been approved in the first place – risk was too high for both bank and home owner. The lenders were racking in the money and those on the sidelines were desperate to get into a seemingly endless real estate boom.

Rate Cut and Your Mortgage
Fixed mortgage rates are tied to long-term bond yields that move based on the outlook for the economy and inflation. For example, if your rate adjusts Feb. 1st, and your ARM is pegged to the 1-year treasury, than your reset is going to be to 5.25 percent as opposed to the 7.5 percent that it would have been in August. That’s going to make the payment much more manageable.

First Time Home Buyers
As a first time home buyer you have a number of options, it could be your chance to get into the real estate investing market, and now’s the perfect time. A number of banks, like Bank of America, give discounts to first time buyers and unique packages that waive closing fees and allow for a lower down payment. And, if you have an IRA, you can withdraw up to $10,000 tax as a first time home purchase.

Only in America - The Repo Bus
I love this idea.  America is a funny place, the biggest consumer in the world, who always seems to take things to the edge.  Maybe it's just a human trait, get what you can while you can no matter what.  But it's back fired and now investors are getting on the bus to buy properites at a 40% discount.

'There’s already a two-year supply of properties on the market in Stockton and so many foreclosures that real estate agent Cesar Diaz decided to start the "Repo Bus" to take bargain hunters and bottom feeders on a weekly tour to see some of them. He got the idea from the Hollywood tour of the stars' homes.'

A few new resources we've come across: is the only place where you'll find complete up-to-date information on every foreclosure opportunity available in California, including exclusive daily updates on every auction. And we're the only foreclosure service that provides a comprehensive set of professional tools for Realtors and Investors to find, evaluate, and track the best foreclosure opportunities.

Census Stats
The Population Estimates Program publishes state population estimates each year for total population with details on age, sex, race and Hispanic origin. Take a look at house hold growth numbers via the census data. Or, say you want to build an apartment complex targeted to those who are retiring or have retired; with census data you can get age details for a city you’re planning on developing an apartment in.

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