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Set and Adjust your Micro Cap Investment Aim

Greed is something that investors often feel on their own experience. Greed has no top, no point of satisfaction. But that's not the true goal of investment. It's clear for everyone that the investment aim is profit. Real and tough competition starts when there's a profit from risky penny stocks otherwise commonly known as micro cap stocks.

If you are decided on small cap stock, you should set realistic expectations on the profits and specific targets. Trading small cap stocks is a very careful process. Whether it is after an increase of 50% or 200%, you should know them and stick to them.

As reports, since most small cap companies don't have the global revenue of Home Depot or Microsoft, they're supposed to suffer when the U.S. economy sputters. There're more factors that may keep you hesitating as an investor. Still, the risk can and will be the path to your success, if you act smart.

If you trade small cap stocks, it is not so dangerous to set a target sell point at 40 or 50%, then increase this if the stock starts rocketing toward 100% gains. But be smart enough not to use the stock's move as an excuse to throw your original targets away and hold out for 200% and 300% profits.

In other words, the bottom line must always be to focus on achieving gains that you are happy with, and that are in line with your original expectations for the shares. It's always better to act on expectations, not hopes.

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