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Real Estate Market Questions

What's the real estate market like in the area you're thinking of buyin real estate? Is it growing or slowing? We encourage investors to do their homework in order to choose the best real estate investment markets. The number one factory is jobs - are there jobs in the area you're looking to buy? 

Ideally, real estate investors should look for markets that have steady real estate appreciation, a growing job market and prices that have not been impacted by other investors.  It should also be a strong rental market in the segment in which you are purchasing, whether you're looking for college age renters or small families.

  • Is the overall market growing?
  • Is the market diversified or is it dependant on one company or industry?
  • What are the local schools like?
  • Are there major weather issues to take into consideration, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and or floods?
  • What types of renters or tenants are moving into the area?
  • What's the state of the economy overall?
  • Would it pay to wait a bit longer to buy the property?
  • Is there area safe?
  • Is there easy access to major highways?
  • Is there public transportation?
  • What pro sports teams are in the area?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Are living expenses above average or inexpensive?
  • Is the city financially healthy - are they taking care of roads, bridges and general infustructure in the area?
  • Aiports. Is it easy or hard to fly out of the area?
  • Walkability. Are there parts of town where people can walk and shop or go to a farmers market?


Questions you should ask in specific areas:

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