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Jim Cramer Calls Housing Bottom

If you watch Mad Money on CNBC, you know Jim Cramer. Sure, the former hedge fund manager is bit crazy, but he also makes some gusty statements that are true, and he makes some calls that nobody else is willing to make.

Yes, he’s not always right but he at least gets you to think. He loves to come up with a thesis around why he wants to purchase a stock and often uses some anecdotal stories to back up a certain thesis, whether that’s actually going to Home Depot if he thinks about buying the stock or having the CEO of the company come appear on his show to ask him questions. Jim Cramer has weighed in on the real estate market and set a date for when the housing market will finally bottom - June 30, 2009:

There’s a tremendous amount of household formation, 800,000 every year, Cramer said. Four million babies born each year, divorces, 2.5 million new citizens – they all create demand.

Immigration had been bringing in 1 million people a year, but that’s been cut back a bit. But both McCain and Obama are pro-naturalization, so that number could return to previous levels after November.

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