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Real Estate Investors Find Gold in College Towns

Should you buy an investment property in a college town and rent it out to students? If your investing strategy is to buy a condo or townhouse in a college town here are some things to consider:

It's great to come across real estate articles like the one below. Which talks about how smart real estate investors are buying rental properties near college towns. This is a clear and wise investing strategy if you want to make money buying rental properties. With college towns, there's an influx of new renters every year.

There are so many different ways to invest in real estate and make money, and always new ways to come out ahead in a real estate market that is falling out from under us after the housing crisis a few years ago. But, the real estate market will come back and there's always a need for housing in certain areas - say near college towns.

People will always need homes to live in and providing housing is a service that one should be proud of. For example, isn't it always great to get home after a long trip for to your home. Sometimes you take for granted just have a warm place to come home to. But let's get back to investing in real estate near colleges.

No doubt, parents want their children to live in a safe building while their in college, here we have some information on the growing need for college housing. Don't forget the grants and financial aid the college students receive and can then apply to housing, there's a secure rental payment for the next four years for your income property right near campus...

One attraction: Student housing is always in demand, regardless of economic conditions such as job growth and interest rates that sway demand and values of offices, apartments and other rental properties.

"If the school is there 120 years, it'll be there for another 120 years," said Paul Bower, chief executive of Memphis, Tenn.-based Education Realty Trust, which owns University Towers and manages the College Inn at N.C. State. "People go to school in bad times and in good."

For investors, times seem better than good. Babies of baby boomers are entering college at an unprecedented rate and staying longer. About half graduate within five years.  Read more...

College Life: A strategy growing in popularity, it's almost using your kids as a reason to own an investment property in the city where they're going to college. Kids, when their younger and in college can live with three or four roommates—privacy is on a different scale, it’s more about having parties and getting together to study. As opposed to when you’re older and may move in with your partner or want to get married and start to have children.

So, as a real estate investor, why not buy a small single family home or condo near your child's college?

Many parents are buying condos or duplexes near college campuses (the demand will always be there if the building is close to the campus) and letting their child live in the property with a few roommates. The rent from the additional roommates will nearly pay the mortgage.

The drawback to buying an income property for students is the wear and tear, small parties might be fine but you’re not looking for the tenants or your son or daughter to start a sorority or fraternity out of the new condo you’ve just purchased. As a landlord, you'll have to have strict guidelines for the tenants and a security deposit that takes these risks into account.

What are some other unique ways investors are getting into real estate, perhaps it's providing housing for a new hospital that's coming into an area...? Maybe it's buying condos for the elderly near a hospital? Or buying real estate near a new professional sports team that's putting in a new stadium...? Well, not right next to the stadium, but close enough that it's something you can rent out on a seasonal basis perhaps.

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