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Insider Info:  Eagle, Idaho

I got the inside scoop on a suburb just outside the city of trees:  Boise, Idaho that is growing by leaps and bounds. 

With a river running through Boise, full of trees and a getting the good four seasons (spring, summer, fall, and winte), less snow now, but heat in the summer.  The Boise area is ideal for those who like the outdoors and are raising a family.  Living costs are low and the up side is proximity to McCall, Sun Valley, Bogus Basin, Luck Peak (for water skiing).  Here, the middle class can live like the rich, and Eagle is a nice area to start.
Right now traffic is an issue, as the area is growing faster than originally anticipated. For the investor, there are a number of opportunites to buy family homes, land and or townhouses. 

That town is Eagle, here's the news from Phil Hoover.

Eagle is a happening place these days, with as many as 20,000 more homes planned north of town in the foothills. While I suspect that grand plan will get scaled down due to local opposition to that much growth, Eagle is still the most desirable place to be in the Boise area.

That’s why I live here.

For investment purposes, I think single-family residences in the lower price range would be ideal.

  • You can still buy a nice, smaller home for around $200-225k here and those homes are very desirable rentals.
  • You might also have noticed my post on our tightening rental market with about 3% vacancy factor at the present time.
  • You can refer to my monthly market stats that I post on for a wrap-up of Ada County, Meridian, and Eagle market activity.
  • You can also glean a lot of useful info on ~ in the Free Buyer Stuff and Online Relocation Package areas of the site.


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