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One thing that's contributing to the growth in real estate market demand is that people are waiting longer to get married or living on their own for longer, the thirties being the new twenties so to speak.

People are single much longer and living alone—buying property for themselves. Sure, this is more common in bigger cities but also happening to smaller towns across the United States.

So it’s key to look at the increase in the number of households and not just population totals when analyzing demand of a region or city. The demand for property or home ownership is increasing in a number of age brackets, from those in their thirties to those in the retirement age range, and both are newer sets of property seekers.

Plus, as people continue to live longer due to improved health care and scientific breakthroughs, Americans will continue to live longer.

‘The number of one-person households has been on the increase worldwide. In 2006, the number of single households worldwide reached 202.6 million (up from 153.5 million in 1996), accounting for 11.8% of total households.’

More reasons the demand for property is growing and will continue to grow in the coming years. There's pent up demand for housing after the housing crisis, people looking to buy have been waiting for the right opportunity.

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