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Home Swapping

Matching homes so one another can link up and swap properties or even land.  This is one way to get out of a tricky situation.  You can't sell your home, have to move to a certain area, this site will match you with a home you can swap with.  Free to search and post your home.

  • If not an even swap than cash payments even things out
  • Can't be as picky
  • No brokers fee
  • 1031 exchange possible
  • Get out of a home in a tough market
  • Have a simultaneous closing
  • Check out the house make sure it's in good shape

SwapYourHouse™ provides a medium in which home-sellers can post their home as an option for trade with another home that meets the user's criteria for amenities, location, square footage, bedrooms, etc. Users have the ability to browse and list a home for FREE. Once a user locates a home they are interested in they can pay a $29.95 fee; which allows the user to view additional photos and information on the home, or homes they are intrested in.

Whether upsizing or downsizing you and someone else's needs have changed; we just help you meet to buy each others house! In a normal transaction you are whittling the other down; but when buying each others house you can work together for the best of both parties. i.e. (Both parties want the full appraised value out of their house; So work out a deal to make it happen!)

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