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Hidden Springs

It’s a community that seems more like a movie set than a place you'd actually live in real life. Situated about fifteen to twenty minutes from Boise, Idaho, Hidden Springs isn’t an Amish community rather it’s more a green community, sort of the North End of Boise moved out of town. Or, a place that's out away from the city but not too far.

But if it’s all about the environment what’s with all the gas they’re using when they driving in to work, unless there are plans for some light rail system that will connect this community to the city center. I doubt that though, even though that's exactly what the Boise area should be exploring right now. Gas prices are soaring. What's the cost to build a rail system?

But anyway, there are some good attributes to this community. Overall, the idea is all about community, and the ability to walk in a neighborhood, and easy access to local stores (food grown locally), parks, and a community recreation center (pool). The idea being to build a sustainable community, but as I mentioned, most people are working in the city, so this community is less efficent when you consider the costs of gas.

Here's a bit more about Hidden Springs:

Had enough of the flat, look-alike subdivisions? Welcome to Hidden Springs. Within a unique Foothills setting, Hidden Springs offers beautiful places to live from the low $300’s to more than $1 million. But that’s only part of the story. Click here to learn why our residents wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Hidden Springs is an 1,844-acre master planned community built around a 130-year old working farm in the Dry Creek Valley, just north of Boise and east of Eagle. With Dry Creek Meadow currently under construction, the community will eventually encompass more than 1000 homes, with a smart mix of on-site retail, recreational and educational facilities.

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