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During a crash, it’s important to have some money on the sidelines to invest, which involves planning ahead. What you can do to jumpstart the process is to get your list out and find out which properties you want to buy at what price. You have to go lower on the price than you would normally go, but during a crash, beggars can’t be choosers.

Take a look at what Warren Buffet has done recently since the stock market has crashed. He has invested $5 billion dollars into Goldman Sachs and another 3 billion into General Electric. And I know this is the stock market and not real estate, but the concept is the same. Just when everyone is afraid and worried, when the wheels seem to be coming off, you can find deals of a lifetime. Buffet finds bargain basement prices for good companies or terms that he can’t pass up. Cash is king. Capital is king. Scooping up good assets that are on sale is king.

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