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Group Think in Property Upgrades

If you’re remodeling a home, don’t make drastic changes that aren’t inline with the neighborhood or the materials are difficult to replace. The home could stick out like a sore thumb. You know, the pink or bright orange house that’s kind of interesting or refreshing on one hand, but one that nobody will want to live in it or purchase.

Sure, the homogenization of the suburbs is boring, a la Edward Scissorhands where you see the cookie cutter aspect of the suburbs, but too drastic of a change makes the home ostracized or nearly cursed.

I was visiting a friend recently and she lives in an area where all the houses look the same. Boring yeah, but you don’t want to be the landmark of the neighborhood, ‘Yeah, just take a left at that greenish house on the corner’.  It helps with giving directions but if you're trying to rent or sell the property the demand for the property is narrowed down for the most part.

You might like the unique way the family room is laid out, but a majority of people will not. Think about the target audience of the neighborhood and the community and not necessarily your own taste.  Sure, you want quality, in the design and outside features of a home, but focus on who you're trying to market the property to.

On the other hand, you could change the group or neighborhood dynamic, maybe you do some landscaping on the front yard that sets your house apart, that could be a good trend and I’m sure others will then follow.  Sticking out for a feature of quality is one thing, sticking out because the grass in the yard is ten feet tall is another thing.

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