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Google Street View

How do you walk a property you want to buy if you live in a different state or city? Try using Google Street View. Yes, it's a whole new world for real estate investors.

No longer do you have to get in your car and drive over to a property, although that's ideal - there are new tools on the web that make real estate investing easier.

If you're buying an investment property and you live too far away to see visit the property, but you want to take a quick look at it, try using Google Street View.

By using Google Street View, not only can you see the house or property you're interested in, you can see the neighborhood and surrounding homes - you can see the sidewalks and the trees and just get a better feel for the property.

If you're just looking at the pictures on Trulia or Zillow, you're seeing what the real estate agent selling the property wants you to see. The backyard might look nice but you won't see that the home is right near a busy street.

Is the house on a busy street or in a cul-de-sac? Punch in the address of a property you're curious about and take a look via Googel Maps.  Up in the right corner there will be a tab for Google Street View.  This video below also gives you all the details about how to use Google Street View.


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