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Wealthy Real Estate Investors Give Donations

What if, as an investor, you could influence the real estate prices of the area around where you own property? Well, that would be great, how do you do it? Simple, just donate some land. Oh, that's not that easy or simple and it's expensive. But for the real estate mogul investor or if you can get a group together to raise money, why not push to improve the community and also increase the value of the real estate you own. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s interesting that a donation can actually help the person who’s giving the donation and they might not have necessarily strategically planned for this benefit or they may have.  There's the tax benefit of giving a gift but if you own property there might be another way to reap the benefits in the future.

For instance, if you donante land to build a library near where you own property, the land and the area will increase in value. Or, say you own a apartment buildings in an area where there’s no park nearby. And then your tenants are mainly familes with children and many have pets, but you have a lot of vacancies for some reason.  Since there’s no place for these kids to play or for the tenants to walk their dogs, your building is losing some of its appeal.

If you’re seeking small families to rent your apartments, proximity to parks and stores is a part of the package these tenants are usually seeking. If you give money to help build a park in your area---via this park your cash flow increases as your vacancy rate will drop.

Sure, not everyone has money to donate a park to their community.  But you don't need to donate money but instead can work with the local community to raise funds to build a park or make improvements to an existing park.  Talk to the Recreation and Park Commission and City Council to push for a park in your neighborhood.  Or, get approval to build a park yourselves.  A lot of neighborhoods have an adopt a park program--where residents in the neighborhood manage a park themselves.  

If everyone is taking a few hours out of their weekends to work on developing a park, in six months time you'll have a place for the community to gather, walk their dogs, and where their children can safely play.   The benefits are clear to everyone involved, it's a win win.

At the same time, you can fight to NOT have a certain type of business come into your area.  Whether that's a new bar that would draw a rougher type of crowd or just create more noise, or a factory that will be an eye sore to the area and possibly even pollute the area.

TIP:  If you allow pets you can simply increase the security deposit to ensure that your unit is properly covered for damages.  But this deposit is usually based on the rent per month, or no more than two months rents, and state law sets a limit on what you can charge for a security deposit. To ensure that your property is taken care only allow small dogs or make exceptions if the dog is well trained.

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