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Foreclosure & Housing Graphics

Dynamic Maps of Nonprime Mortgage Conditions in the United States

From the New York Fed

With this map you can break down the totals properties with the criteria below across the United States.

Loans per 1000 housing units
In foreclosure per 1000 housing
REOs per 1000 housing units
Share of ARMs
Share current
Share 90 + days delinquet
Share in foreclosure
Median combined LTV
Share low FICO & high LTV
Share low or no documentaion
Share ARMs resetting in 12 months
Share late payments 12 months

Shrinking Prices, Rising Delinquencies

From the Wall Street Journal

Selection of maps with the following information:

Delinquency Rates for First and Second Mortgages
High Rate Loans by State and Metro Region
Post Boom Changes in Home Prices and Delinquency Rates

Real Estate News & Custom Data

From DQ

News for majoy cities, monthly charts for major cities, quarterly charts for major cities

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