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Flag Lots

Like a flag sticking out, back in away from the street, a flag lot doesn 't give you direct street access, only via a shared driveway. Most advise against a flag lot in a residential neighborhoods since it gives you a cramped in feeling.  Essentially, a home that's built right in front of your house – that’s not right is it.

Well that’s what I saw recently while visiting my sister. There’s a beautiful house built on the rim of a community but in it’s front yard isn’t a lawn but a house. Have you heard of flag lots? It’s a lot laid out just like a flag, and in that nook below the flag is another lot and a home could be built in this location as the case with the home I saw.  The flag lot allows developers to squeeze in another property, but you'd need extra space between the properties in order to make this work.  If you have a flagged lot you'll need to have some sort of barrier, whether that's trees or a slope that puts you up above the lot in front of you, otherwise out you're front window you'll see a big house.  Who wants that.

However, if you have a lot of land, and there's enough space between the home that sits below you, then you'll have enough of an area to put in a fence and have some breathing room so to speak.

The other concern with flag lots is how this affects the neighborhood in general.  A flag lot can change the dynamic of a neighborhood--where one home is on the street but has not backyard area.  This I think is a minor issue, it's more how close the homes are to one another.

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