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Fires Burn in California

It was interesting that one of the biggest causes, ironically, of the larger fires happening around the country was due to the policy of putting out fires. You see, fires are part of the natural process of the forest, and if fires aren't allowed to burn then a lot of brush and old dead trees build up and create kindling for future fires. I thought this was an interesting part of the 60 minutes piece a few weeks ago. But as far as real estate, and the sad effect this has on a community, the fires and destruction can actually boost the economy in California, these homes need to be re-built.

Why are there more of these fires? Turns out the forest service is partly to blame with a policy it started 100 years ago.

The policy was to put out all fires immediately. "Because we so successfully fought fire and eliminated fire from this ecosystem for a hundred years, because we thought that was the right thing to do, we’ve allowed a huge buildup of fuel in these woods. So now, when the fires get going, there’s a lot more to burn than historically you would’ve seen in a forest like this," Boatner explains.
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Some 3,000 homes destroyed will need to be rebuilt, which Barron's speculates will result in lots of work for contractors and carpenters. One economist said homebuilding would stimulate the economy for the next 6-12 months. Among those with a major presence in the state, Barron's notes, are Standard Pacific and KB Homes.
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