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Facts & Figures - Oklahoma

Property taxes for the state of Oklahoma.

Real property in The Sooner State is assessed at 11-13.5% of its fair market value. County officials are responsible for valuing and taxing your property and collecting your taxes, although state law governs how the process is conducted. Agricultural land, however, is valued according to its capacity to produce crops or livestock rather than its value on the real estate market. This valuation is referred to as “agricultural use value.”

The value of your property is set by your county assessor each year beginning January 1. The value and taxes for a property (as well as who is responsible for paying the taxes) depend on what the property is used for, who owns the property, and market conditions at the time. After the appraisal has been conducted, a County Board of Equalization (CBOE) settles any disagreements between you and the assessor around April 1. The CBOE consists of three citizens who are responsible for handling such protests. To find your county assessor, go here or here.

In August or September, elected officials from each county establish tax rates to fund various operations and to pay outstanding debts. Although you get taxed by the county, you’ll also have to pay taxes for school districts and, depending on location, cities and special districts such as hospitals, career tech, water, and fire.

Taxpayers may be eligible to receive a homestead exemption, which reduces the property value by $1,000, or roughly $80-120 in overall savings. If your gross household income is less than $20,000 annually (and you meet all other requirements), you could qualify for an additional $1,000 exemption. As long as you live in the same home, you only need to apply once. Contact your county assessor to apply (links above).

A tax refund worth up to $200 is available if you are at least 65 years old, totally disabled, or earn an income of $12,000 or less. A 100% property tax exemption is offered to totally disabled veterans and their surviving spouses. To qualify, there are several requirements the veteran must meet: 1) honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the Oklahoma National Guard; 2) state resident; 3) 100% permanent disability; 4) disability sustained from military action or contracted through diseases while in service; 5) disability certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and 6) otherwise qualified for homestead exemption.

For more details on property taxes and exemptions, this form can be downloaded and printed.

This page is directly from the Oklahoma Tax Commission and is an index of various publications such as newsletters from the Ad Valorem Division.

Oklahoma Tax Commission



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