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Exotic Real Estate for Sale

Where kind an investor find some exotic real estate for sale? What exotic homes are for sale around the world? Perhaps exotic isn't the right word for some of these locations and properties. Maybe unique is a better word. Again though, it's all about timing and getting the right price for the property.

Offshore or onshore, off the coast of Costa Rica or Belize, what are some of the most exotic or unique investment properties available today? Even when the real estate market is seemingly in shambles do to the housing crisis, the savvy real estate investor comes along and scoops up the prime properties when their cheap.

There's a lot of talk about exotic mortgages, and how those have gotten novice real estate investors into trouble. Well, let's forget risky mortgages and dream a bit, and talk about some unique locations on the planet that just so happen to be on sale due to the over heated housing market nearly destorying the global economy.

For exotic real estate, from vacation homes to foreign investments to homes on the lake, or the beach or in the mountains, what stands out about these potential investment properties is the certain cache that will make them valuable in the long run.

For these properties, the location holds something distinct. It’s not as bad as George from Seinfeld buying Jon Voight’s car. The wrong Jon Voight, the dentist and not the actor, but it’s that kind of cache or uniqueness, in a sense. The type of property that perks people's ears up when you mention just the location.

You with me? Take, Tammark, a region near McCall where tennis star Andre Agassi has bought property and the Idaho legislature is in the process of reviewing a new law that will allow for his new resort to sell liqueur. You haven't heard of it? Well, that's good because soon it will be well known and much more expensive.

Some might want to keep a lid on their favorite up and coming areas, but if not, what are some of your favorite real estate dream spots? Could you buy a whole island or a ski resort development?

Short list of US based properties:

  • Tammark, Idaho (near McCall)
  • Beachfront Residence La Jolla, CA
    Presented by: Willis Allen Real Estate
  • Hale Wailele - The House of Falling Water Kailua-Kona, HI
    Presented by: Island Land Company Inc.
  • Arizona Gold Mine - Make sure these are legit offers and not fools gold deals
  • Whitefish, Montana (median home is less than $250K and near a ski resort)

Thinking of taking your investing to a foreign country? With the real estate markets rising in areas such as New Dehli and Shanghai, it might be tempting to leave the slump in America and cash in on the soaring opportunities elsewhere. Besides, if you can travel, why limit yourself to just one country, especially if all you need to do is cross a border to get there?

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