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Economic Stimulus & Mortgage News

Economic Stimulus
With the market in such a downturn—e.g. fewer people buying houses, high interest rates, falling house prices, etc.—we haven’t seen a single sign to indicate that we’re ever getting out of this hole. Recently, however, the federal government has implemented an aid package that could help consumers obtain mortgages up to $600,000 or more, which incidentally coincides with a drop in ARM interest rates of at least 1.5 points. While some people are optimistic, others remain skeptical.

Mortgage Q & A
How much will my mortgage payments be? Which is better: fixed or adjustable? How much will my adjustable rate payments be? Am I better off renting? All these questions and more can be answered by simply plugging in some key information into one of the site’s several calculators. Yields reflect the current state of the market.

Some video reports…

Mortgage and Real Estate Video News
An informative site that culls video clips from major news channels—mainly CNBC—and relays them directly to you. It covers the housing market on a daily basis with up-to-date information.

Subprime Targets
Just about every major city is experiencing problems in urban areas where homeowners can no longer afford to pay their mortgages. At the beginning of a mortgage payment plan the “teaser rate,” which is the rate applied to the first two years of a mortgage payment plan, skyrockets to the “normal” rate for subsequent years and homeowners are left squandering to pay their high mortgage rates. African Americans and urban dwellers in Philadelphia, for example, report an especially aggressive campaign against them by lending agencies.

Raising Loan Limits
In this story the experts discuss the economic stimulus mentioned above but elaborate further with the pitfalls and benefits of the legislature. One obvious pro is that because more money is distributed to consumers, loans and therefore houses become affordable, yet at the same there is a tremendous risk of lenders losing money, higher foreclosure rates, and deflation rates lowering further.

Market Factors
The housing market hasn’t been in such bad shape for nearly 10 years and sales have been plummeting at an increasingly high rate over the last several months. December especially saw an unexpected hit when sales dropped 4.7% instead of leveling out or even increasing just slightly as was projected. Other factors of the economy and several markets are considered in this report on CNBC.

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