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This is where we hope the government takes steps to stop the creation of the bubble, perhaps by raising interest rates or slowing the economy down. But, as the real estate rush begun we have players all the way up the ranks who won and who lost. As I said, though, the collapse has hurt everyone in the end.

There were the builders who got in early and made money. There were the builders who got in late and were stuck with speculative houses with pools that are now swamps.

There is now the collapse of the financial market and Wall Street – the lack of liquidity in the market where banks won’t make loans to other banks and businesses can’t borrow money to buy goods to sell. Banks are failing. There are no more investment banks; the two that were left, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, have changed to bank holding companies so they can raise money through deposits.

What’s next, two areas that are now about to crumble are the credit card industry and the auto industry. The worst isn’t over, supposedly. If there was more regulation in the market a lot of this wouldn’t have happened. Changes will have to be made to ensure that companies aren’t over leveraged.

With markets in turmoil over the worst financial crisis in generations, members of a House of Representatives committee sharply criticized bankers for a decade-long surge in leverage, risk and mortgage-lending abuses that produced a bonanza for a handful of elite investors, but a disaster for the economy.

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