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Credit Reports

The three credit reporting agencies are: Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. Ask for a report from all three credit agencies if you're trying to overhaul your credit history. It takes time to improve your score, so you have to take a long term approach—three to six months.

See your Credit Score for $0 at It's Free and available in seconds. 

Proactive: What you can do to raise your score.

  • pay bills on time--don't be late
  • don't apply for a number of credit cards or loans (save and build a solid history--spend less and pay off debt)
  • pay off credit cards so you are at zero or near zero and definitely not near the max spend
  • if you don't have a lot of credit you'll need to build a history, so then you want to apply for few credit cards and staring using them and immediately paying them off to build a positive history

The breakdown of factors that go into determining your credit score, from Housing:

  • 35% - Your Payment History
  • 30% - Amounts You Owe
  • 15% - Length of Your Credit History
  • 10% - Types of Credit Used
  • 10% - New Credit

To buy a copy of your report, contact:

Equifax: 800-685-1111;

Experian: 888-EXPERIAN (888-397-3742);

Trans Union: 800-916-8800;


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