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Credit Agencies

One thing I don’t understand is why the credit rating agencies continued to downgrade these Wall Street firms with so many mortgage-backed-securities when the whole financial system was on the verge of collapse.

If the government was just going to come in and rescue these companies in the end, why didn’t it do so now? It didn’t make any sense to downgrade the credit standing of a company and then come in and bail it out. Why not make some changes before it was too late?

Top Credit Agencies

  • Moody's
  • Standard & Poor's
  • Fitch Ratings

Definition: A credit ratings agency is a company that assigns credit ratings to institutions that issue debt obligations (i.e. assets backed by receivables on loans, such as mortgage-backed securities. These institutions can be companies, cities, non-profit organizations, or national governments, and the securities they issue can be traded on a secondary market.

This will go down as the biggest real estate and financial crash in our lifetimes. But we’ll all look back at this as an incredible opportunity to buy property and stocks and how easy it was to see in hindsight that it would collapse.

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