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Buyers Buzz

It’s amazing how many homes are on the market in certain areas. My sister and I drove around grabbing flyers in the Eagle, Idaho area, trying to guess what price they were asking for before we’d taken a look at the flyer. Nearly every other block had a for sale sign, or at least one in each neighborhood.

To determine or guess the price, we’d gauge how far the home was from schools and what quality of schools where nearby, the lot size and where the property faced, the size of the yard and just the feel you got when you looked at it.

We’d also ask questions: was it on a corner or in a cul-de-sac or did it have a view? Did they over do it and try too hard and the home now doesn’t mesh with the neighborhood?

You become a quick expert and look at things through real estate tinted glasses. We came back with a stack of flyers listing each homes square footage, total rooms, and main attributes.

Spare rooms were deemed theater rooms and elegant was used rather than just old. A quick shake down and you could see which homes were priced to sell and those that were dipping into the market to see if there were any bits--but priced way too high.

Overall, it's still a buyers market and the buyers buzz will continue for some time to come it looks like.

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