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Agents Selling Out Stars

On the other end of the celebrity spectrum, there are so called real estate agents trying to sell property located near the homes of stars to the tabloids.

The real estate agents argument being, when you're willing to pay millions of dollars for a picture of a star, why not buy the million-dollar home next to the star.

But this is going way too far--this agent should be banned for life from the real estate business.

For property agents, working in celeb-estate requires a specialized set of skills, ranging from the ability to outmaneuver paparazzi to expertise in advanced security systems. "You have to have a reputation for keeping your mouth shut," said Richard Klug, an agent with Sotheby's International Realty in Beverly Hills, California. "They have to know you're discreet."

Celebrities are a fickle bunch, and rightly so, when they have their privacy invaded time and time again, their pictures snapped 24 hours a day, they have the right to get angry. For the famous, there's no escape from the paparazzi. And sure, some want the attention and add to it, doing reality shows or outlandish TV appearances that sort of fuel the fire, Madonna kissing Brittany Spears comes to mind. So some celebrities make their own beds and have to lie in them let's say.

As far as reality shows, don’t they know that these shows are disastrous for their families—see Hulk Hogan, see Ozzie Osborne. They get enough attention as it is. And getting that much attention while you’re just a teenage is tough to handle I'm sure. But fame and money is a big draw - hard to pass up for a lot of these stars. It's their business.

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