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We have a section on the real estate industy - what's in the news these days, it's called The Breakdown.  We'll update this section on a regular basis with links to relevant articles, videos, or that are in the news.

Also, please visit our new section with tax information by state and our blog, which is updated quite often as well.

How do you begin doing research regarding investing in real estate?

There are many sites out there that talk about the techniques involved for acquiring property, including many gurus of the real estate industry. Unfortunately, many of these gurus show you how to acquire real estate for quick wealth building—but their advice is really a disguised quick rich scheme. Moreover, for some investors, market timing, lack of funds, lack of experience and knowledge prevent them from realizing their dreams.

There is always opportunity, however, with the massive tides of appreciation at 20% per year have ebbed and for the most part are now negative. Many exuberant investors who have invested in the peak of the market using aggressive techniques have found that any short term gains have evaporated and that they are upside down and facing foreclosure. Some investors are already salivating at the opportunity to acquire foreclosed property at 70% of its value.

One infamous site that illustrates the naiveté of investing in real estate is This investor’s situation is not unique and underscores the idea that serendipitous market timing is no replacement for knowledge and prudence in investing. Certainly there are only some things that can be learned through experience, but at our site,, we will provide 99% of what you need to analyze the decision to purchase an investment property.

This site will primarily focus on longer term investment strategies and the market forces at work in localized geographic locations. Internet information has made it easy locate property, but there is a fundamental lack of knowledge about what’s happening in the marketplace. Users can’t go to a single location to find this information. Furthermore, it’s difficult to get a pulse of the market without being immersed in it. Our site aims to bridge this chasm.

There is so much to consider when purchasing property for investment, let alone the nuances of the myriad differences of different markets. For example, property taxes are different in each state and can significantly affect cash flow analysis. We will also present this information for each state and provide tools to do analysis.

Please stay tuned and return to our site for the inside scoop on the investment properties front.  Please visit some of our new pages below.

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