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Facts & Figures - Delaware

Property taxes for the state of Delaware.

If you’re planning to move to The First State, you’ll probably be happy to learn that on a state level you won’t be required to pay property taxes, whether real (e.g. a homestead) or personal (e.g. a computer). Real estate, however, will be subject to county property taxes, school district property taxes, vocational school district taxes, and municipality property taxes if you live in an incorporated area.

All this depends on which county you live in since tax rate, property assessment, and assessment ratio can vary accordingly. Because Delaware is broken up into three counties, you can follow these links and read up on the county that applies to you:

New Castle

Tax relief programs are available to residents age 65 and older and residents with disabilities. A homeowner who is at least 65 years of age can qualify to receive a credit worth half of the school property taxes (up to a maximum of $500). The taxpayer must own a residential property to qualify, but if he owns an apartment building with five or more units, exemption is no longer possible. Yearly reapplication is not necessary.

Delaware is also known for its liberal tax relief to businesses, mainly through new construction or improvements to existing property. For example, Wilmington allows a 100% tax credit on all increased assessments for five years (depending on location of the structure and how it is used). Land assessments, however, receive no tax deductions.

Delaware Division of Revenue learn more.


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