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Facts & Figures - Connecticut

Property taxes for the state of Connecticut.

Taxes in The Constitution State may sting your bank account a little harder than in most states. Both real and personal property are assessed and collected by individual towns at a whopping rate of 70% the fair market value. Taxable mill rates according to county can be found here.

As you can see, some counties tax much more than others such as Bridgeport which has a mill rate of 41.28, while Cornwall’s mill rate of 11.9 may seem incredibly low!

The deadline for assessment is October 1, and all taxpayers must file a declaration by November 1. To find your local tax assessor click here.

The Circuit Breaker Program, however, provides a 10-50% property tax reduction for low-income elderly and disabled homeowners, as well as elderly and disabled tenants who are required to pay property taxes. A person must be at least 65 years of age or 50 years and a widow of a program participant. Residence in Connecticut of at least one year is also required, as are certain income levels. Honorably discharged veterans and spouses of war veterans may also qualify for exemptions.

You can also classify parts of your land as “forest land” to receive property tax exemptions. According to the Connecticut General Statutes Section 12-10b, forest land must be a minimum of 25 acres of wooded land that conforms to specifications set by the state forester.

Connecticut Department of Revenue - learn more.


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